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You Belong Here Now - Book Review

In January, I read the book You Belong Here Now. This is a debut novel by Dianna Rostad that kept me invested in the characters and story. This book is heartwarming and one that you might like as well. If you're looking for a good story to read this month, I would definitely recommend this one!

Here’s the summary from Amazon.

MONTANA 1925: Three brave kids from New York City board the orphan train headed west. An Irish boy who lost his family to Spanish flu, a tiny girl who won't talk, and a volatile young man from Hell's Kitchen. Across the land, they are paraded on platforms to work-worn folks and journey countless miles, racing the sun westward. After they are rejected at each stop and nearing the end of their journey, the oldest boy, Charles comes up with a daring plan, and they set off toward the Yellowstone River and grassy mountains where the wild horses roam. Nara has sacrificed and scrubbed away every bit of her femininity to manage her family's stock operation in a male-dominated world. So, when her parents take in three mysterious orphans, she wants nothing to do with them and works them without mercy, hoping they'll run off. As the orphans settle in and take refuge in the pines and chalky buttes of Big Sky country, their dark histories aren't far behind. To save the kids from their cruel and violent pasts, the family must do the unthinkable.

What book have you read? I want to hear your recommendations!

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