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What's not to love about Spring?

It’s spring. FINALLY. I don’t know anyone who misses winter. So, what do I love most about springtime?

  • The layers of winter are shed. Coats, sweaters, and gloves.

  • New life. Just outside my door is a bird’s nest, 4 eggs (now baby birds) included.

  • Outdoor events. Picnics, days at the park, afternoons at the zoo.

  • Easter.

  • Sunshine, longer days, and no mosquitos.

  • Baseball games and track meets.

  • Dormant trees and shrubs replaced by green, purple and white.

  • Bike rides, long walks, and fire pits.

  • Graduations.

  • Fresh air, green grass, and new friends.

Join me over on Instagram and tell me what YOU love most about Spring!

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