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Travel Log: Vegas!

Where do you love to travel? The mountains? The beach? Or just anywhere?

My last trip took me to Las Vegas.

Now, it seems people either love Vegas or hate it. I tend to lean toward the love it side and here’s why:

The people, the food, the weather, and the accessibility to shopping and entertainment. Oh, I did I mention the food and weather???

My job gives me the opportunity, from time to time, to travel with my daughter and during the trip we met several interesting people. We met Alex worked in the restaurant where we stayed. Each morning, he waited on us during breakfast, and we learned he loved horses and competed in rodeo’s on the weekend. He even showed up a picture of his newest horse. I also met Jasmine, who had immigrated from El Salvador. She told me about her two sons and her grandson. It seems everyone has an interesting story if we just take time to listen.

The other great thing about travel is it gives you time to read. While there I read two books, one by a friend of mine, Chained to a Dream, by Julie Brown and You Belong Here Now, a debut novel by Dianna Rostad.

Now, let’s talk about the food! When I go places, I always try a new restaurant. On this trip, Sara and I went to Lago at the Bellagio. The restaurant has great views of the fountains and serves excellent Italian cuisine. What other places have we dined when in Vegas? The Picasso (my favorite), Hell’s Kitchen, and Giada’s, just to name a few!

Tell me where you love to travel and what you read while there and I’ll keep you posted on my trips this year and the books I recommend.

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