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The Reward

I’m reading a book that is a real page turner. You know the kind, the book you can’t put down. On Tuesday, I went to get my oil changed and found myself hoping that it would take a bit longer than normal, just so I could read a few more chapters.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The fact that you need to slow down to enjoy something face-paced and memorable.

Take sports for example. You have to pull up a lawn chair and settle in to enjoy an exciting soccer game or take a seat in the family room to catch the latest upset in the Final Four.

How about relationships? If you want to enjoy a fun conversation and laughter with friends, you must schedule a few hours for dinner.

I find it easy to get into a rut with my days, navigating through life at a steady pace. But to really enjoy the fun stuff, you have to slow down and be intentional.

I’m sure we won’t ever say, “I’ll never forget going through my normal routine, responsibly handling my daily tasks, or doing what I usually do. It’s always so memorable.” (Ha, not likely!)

But we will say,

“The day I took my granddaughter out for lunch, and we chatted for hours…

The afternoon I went to the park and read a book by my favorite author…

The Saturday morning I stopped into that secondhand shop with my friend…

…is a day I won’t soon forget.”

Slow down. (yes, you!) Engage in your interests and see if you don’t receive something rewarding in return.

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