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It's National - what - day?

Who’s the left-handed person in your family? Is it you?

If it is, we salute you (with our left hand) in honor of National Left-hander Day.

My dad was a lefty. And he was in good company. A lot of famous people are left-handers including 5 of the last nine US presidents!

Here are a few other interesting facts about our left-handed friends.

  • August 13th is International Left-Handers Day

  • 12% of all people are left-handed

  • More men are left-handed, 23% more!

  • 40% of the current top tennis players are lefties. Did you know that tennis champ Rafael Nadal is actually right-handed but learned to play lefty to give himself an advantage?

  • Sinistrophobia is a phobia of left-handed people. (In case you are ever on Jeopardy)

  • And according to studies, southpaws* get lost less. It’s one of their superpowers!

(*A Southpaw is a left-handed person, especially a boxer who leads with the right hand or a baseball pitcher)

“Life without left-handed people wouldn’t be right” C.R. Manske

“It’s a left-handed thing…you wouldn’t understand.” All left-handed people

In honor of my favorite left-hander (my dad), we recently headed to his old stomping ground, a place he frequented after his navy days. The Hangout, which is the oldest bar in our hometown. My dad stopped drinking around 1960 and never frequented that bar again, but that didn’t stop us, over the years, from mentioning the place. Whenever anyone was asked, “Where are you going?” or “Where have you been”, The Hangout was the answer. Of course, we never went there, it was just the running joke.

Recently, two of my siblings and I stopped by The Hangout to remember my parents and all they did to give us a good life. We chatted with the people there about how my dad used to come here in his younger days and made a toast to my favorite lefty and my mom. Here’s to you mom and dad.

Now, who is your favorite southpaw? Share this with them!

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