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International Friendship Day

Did you know today is International Friendship Day?

I'd say this is the perfect day to connect with an old friend or perhaps, make a new one.

Some of my earliest friends were the kids in my neighborhood. We would spend summer nights playing kick the can, hide and seek and riding bikes. Beginning in elementary school and continuing through college, we develop relationships based on the sports we play, the extracurricular activities we are in, where we work, and the church we attend. Friends are long-lasting and ever-changing, both at the same time. We maneuver life’s challenges with friends and make lifelong memories with them as well.

With every new friend, our world becomes more connected and more meaningful. What a blessing to experience life with others. What would life’s milestones and meaningful moments be without friends to share them with? Not convinced? Think about your favorite book, movie, or TV show. Some of the most popular are based on friendships. Toy Story, Steel Magnolias, Thelma & Louise, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Secret Garden. One of the most popular television shows of all time was…. Friends. Thinking the producers of that show were on to something😊.

Take time to say thanks to your friends – past or present. Here’s a photo of me and one of my friends from high school. We had lots of fun then and still are today (actually just attended a concert together yesterday!). Peggy and I have experienced so many ups and downs in life together. She has brought so many great memories, encouragement, laughter, and support to my life throughout the years, and has even shared the same encouragement and support to my kids. I am so thankful to have someone who has been through it all with me - there is something truly special about a lifelong friend.

Wishing you a life full of fabulous friendships.


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