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Giveaway WINNER & Updates!

I have been so thankful to make new connections with new followers through this month and I am so excited to announce our $50 Gift Card Winner.. but first, a couple of things to share with you!

First, I am currently looking for a publisher for my new novel, The Kaleidoscope. It is a suspense novel based in Downtown Chicago, and tells the story of a young woman named Mia who discovers a family secret. As I continue to submit my novel to publishers and agents, I will keep you posted and let you know when it is available to purchase!

Second, sharing my blog and social media is the best way you can help support me. I work hard to create fun, helpful content for my followers, covering self-help topics, travel tips, fun things to do with your family, and of course, updates on the book! Sharing my blogs and posts is extraordinarily helpful as I continue to grow.

Now, I know you must be excited to see if you won our giveaway - visit this page to see who won!

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