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Are You Directionally Challenged?

What did we do before GPS? If you’re like me, you learned to use a map. You also learned how to turn the car around. You’ve been there, haven’t you? You’re cruising along, making great time, listening to your favorite music, and then, suddenly, you see the sign. ROAD CLOSED. What do you do? You have three choices – but the third one is not an option for you! Let me explain.

Option One - Turn around

That’s what they make steering wheels for people! Don’t let an obstacle knock you off course. Reset and keep going. Life is filled with distractions that stop us from getting where we want to go. Learn to identify and eliminate as many as possible. Turn off that cell phone (and remove those mindless games). Manage your schedule. Stop watching TV. If you have somewhere to go, don’t start your journey headed straight toward a barrier. But if you do find yourself facing down a roadblock, go around it, or go over it. But, keep going.

Option Two - Enjoy the detour

The road is closed, and you have permission to stop and enjoy the scenery. It’s a delay, not a derailment. Great things can happen when your journey is paused. You might meet new friends, experience new places, or discover something new.

Option Three – Quit

Well, we could, but we won’t, right? Take a deep breath and review options one and two.

It’s a new season. Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience? Start (or restart) today and enjoy the journey.

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