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Updated: Apr 16

A new laptop? Time with family?  What is your answer? (See my answer at the bottom).


Caring for others doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. You know the saying, “Little things make a big difference.”

So, if you want to share some cheer this holiday season, get inspired from these ideas!

Coupon book – Create a coupon book of things you are willing to do for another person. Chores, watch their favorite movie, make their favorite meal.

Share a memory or laugh – Write a note that conveys a favorite memory that you treasure. Something funny. Something meaningful. Or you can tell the person what you admire about them and offer them encouragement. Feeling creative? Write a poem about the person. They’ll treasure it forever!

Invest your time – Stop what you are doing and play a board game or watch an old favorite movie together. Or possibly get out old photo albums and peruse through your family history.

Lend a helping hand – Visit a neighbor and offer to rake their leaves or shovel their sidewalk. Offer to help them wrap presents or decorate for the holidays.

Share your favorite things – Print out some of your favorite things and share them. Top five movies to see. Favorite books you’ve read this year. Create a personalized playlist of favorite songs. Print and frame a motivational quote or saying that means a lot to you and give it as a gift.

Support their endeavors – Many people we know are branching out on small business ventures. Support their small business. Offer to hand out their business card to ten people you know. Share their posts on social media. Provide reviews to authors on Goodreads and Amazon.

It’s easy to demonstrate love and care in the little things you do.

So, what does an author (me) want for Christmas? To build up my book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If you’ve read my book, Kaleidoscope of Secrets, would you leave me a review? Simply click on this link to leave your review. (Note: You may need to click the above link twice; once to login to your Amazon account and a second time to go directly to our review page.)

Haven’t purchased Kaleidoscope of Secrets yet? Get yours here!

Thanks, and happy holidays!

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