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“I never seem to get around to it …. “One of these days, I’ll …”

If you are in an endless cycle of procrastination, read on to find solutions to

this universal problem. 

We have dozens of reasons why we procrastinate. 

  • I don’t know what needs to be done, where to start, or how.

  • I have more important things to do.

  • I’m not in the mood. 

  • I don’t have the energy. 

  • It’s easier to wait until the last minute. I ‘work better under pressure’. 

The reason we procrastinate is less important than what we do about it. 

Here’s how to get started.

  • Write down three items you want/need to do but keep putting off.  

  • Now, pick one from that list. Pick the one that, if you completed it, would make you feel relieved, happy, or excited.   

  • Identify a specific time to attack this ONE item. If it is a large project, break it into smaller chunks and identify when you will do each


  • Ask a friend or group of friends to hold you accountable. 

  • Then, no matter what, get that task done. Focus and persist!

  • When finished, celebrate your accomplishment. 

  • Repeat the process for your next long-overdue task.

Here’s an example. 

Your big goal—the one you keep putting off—is to improve your health.

Sorry friends, that goal is too large! Pick one action that will help you

improve your overall health. You decide to begin walking. 

Your task is to walk thirty minutes every day. 

Ask a friend or a group with similar goals to hold you accountable –

perhaps by simply letting you check in with them with a text when you’ve

finished your walk. Accountability groups are a big help!

Determine what time today you will go for a thirty-minute walk. Then do it. 

Repeat the process tomorrow. Make it a part of your daily routine.

To make the task more enjoyable, consider listening to music, a book, or an

interesting podcast while you walk. You can also call a friend or family

member and talk while you walk. 

Apply these simple steps to any task you are procrastinating, such as

cleaning through a closet, planning a vacation, creating a piece of art, or

sewing an outfit. 

Other ways to beat procrastination: 

  • Do you hate housecleaning but hate not having a clean house? Find

a friend who feels the same way. Then, at a pre-selected time, say

Saturday morning at nine, call your friend, and both of you clean

while you catch up. You can fold laundry, clean the kitchen, change

the sheets, etc., all while chatting the morning away. 

  • Hate going to the gym? Use that time to watch your favorite TV show

that you never have time to watch or listen to a motivational


  • Need to sort through receipts, do your taxes, or write thank you

notes? Combine the task with a night away at a nice hotel and treat

yourself to room service while you tackle the task in luxury. 

Combining something you enjoy (music, good food, friends) with the task

you are dreading will make it more enjoyable. 

Final thoughts: 

A lack of routine breeds procrastination. Create daily routines that will

become habits. 

Face the fact that none of us will live forever.  Do it Now!

If you procrastinate making a decision, the decision will be made for you. 

Procrastination adds to your stress and fatigue. Either do it or remove the

task/desire from your mental list.

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