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New Holiday Traditions

Did you end 2021 saying, “Next year, I’m not going to ….. (fill in the blank)…” (go ahead, we’ll wait….) Maybe you promised yourself you wouldn’t spend so much money or pack your schedule so tight. Well, it’s time to re-visit the promise you made to yourself and put your NEW plan into action.

If you said, “Next year, I’m not going to give so many presents.” (That was me. I confess, I went a bit overboard.) Then ask yourself, “So, what does that look like?” Does it mean one gift per person? Or are you going to commit to minimizing the amount you spend? You need to decide and make a plan.

If you said, “I’m going to minimize the events that I attend?” Ask yourself, “What does that look like? In this case you might look at all the things you did last year and list the ones you were so glad you didn’t miss. Those are the activities you should put on your calendar. The rest – skip them. Or at least cut back.

Let’s say you bake Christmas cookies (yum!) but it puts a strain on your budget, your back and your energy. I get it, you don’t want to give it up completely, so how can you scale it back? Maybe, just pick one or two of your favorite varieties of cookies and make one batch of each. Just make sure you can do this in a reasonable time frame and make sure it stays fun.

Here are a couple tips to help you through this season.

  1. Be willing to change things up. New traditions are okay. You don’t have to do everything the same way every year. I give you permission to do things differently.

  2. Plan backwards.

Try this: Imagine that it is December 31st . You are sitting in your favorite chair sipping your coffee (or tea). You think back at the holiday season. Was the holiday filled with joy, energy, and wonderful memories, or is it a blur that has left you stressed out, broke, and exhausted?

You are in charge of the outcome!

Be intentional about doing things that bring you joy. Your joy makers might include taking a trip to the Country Club Plaza to see the lights or attending Christmas Eve service. Or you might want to gather some friends and go Christmas Caroling or visit an out-of-town friend. Don’t let the season of Christmas pass you by without experiencing the joy that is supposed to come with it.

Be willing to cut out something from the busy holiday schedule so you can have the time and energy to do something you will enjoy.

Send us a comment and tell us…

What Will You Do Different This Year?

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