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My Book is Dedicated To...

Who inspired you? Was it a teacher or a mentor?

Have you ever crossed paths with a person who had a lasting impact on your life? Maybe it was a teacher, an advisor, a pastor, or even a neighbor. I bet you’ve heard people say, ‘Mr. so-and-so, my first boss, had a great influence on my life’ OR ‘My coach taught me some of my most important life lessons’.

I recently watched the movie Where the Crawdads Sing and the main character, Kya, is befriended by a couple who run the general store. They see Kya for who she is and quietly guides and encourages her as she fights to survive. They had positive and lasting impact on her life.

A person who inspired me was my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Jackson. I remember her as being fun and energetic. She loved to fish, tell jokes, and had the whole class reading all year long.

With her, I felt noticed. Seen.

She discovered that I liked to write. And, before I knew it , she had me writing poems, stories, and even book reports. She read my work and made me believe in myself and my abilities.

I’m guessing she did this for others too.

What can we learn from Mrs. Jackson and influencers like her?

Making a difference is not complicated, or time consuming. In fact, it’s simple. Here’s her recipe.

Be open and brave enough to show others who you are.

Be interested in what others are doing.

When you see something that is important to a person, acknowledge it. Encourage it. Maybe even celebrate it.

Now it’s your turn.

Tell me who made a difference in your life? What influence did they have on you?

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The novel I am working on, The Kaleidoscope, is dedicated to Mrs. Jackson, my 5th grade teacher.

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