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Is Adventure Waiting for You?

Get ready to be embarrassed. I sure was! I did an online search of things to do in my area. And guess what? Not only had I not visited the top five “things to do”, they were

all within minutes from me. One, is literally steps away from my office and I had never visited it. What’s even worse, people from all over the country had made the trip to see these sites that I had not bothered to explore.

Just a mile from my home is a 100+ year old winery that hosts mystery dinners. People, could it be we are missing out on interesting and fun experiences that are literally right in front of us?

Here’s your assignment. Pretend you are planning a trip to your city. Get online and research upcoming events, attractions, and must-see’s. A couple of great places to start is TripAdvisor and the local chamber of commerce website. Then pick 3 places to visit. Check to see what days and times they are open and if there are any age or visitor restrictions. Then, go do it.

Click on the file below to download your free copy of Kansas City's Guide to August Adventure. Make sure to document your experiences with photos and share your favorite moments with us at - We can't wait to hear about the adventures you discover.

Kansas City's Guide to August
Download PDF • 983KB

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